Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Weekend Part 1 - Iona Regional Park

The four day Easter long weekend allows me to bird at a more reasonable pace than normal. On the Friday I only visited one location - Iona Regional Park in Richmond. A Say's Phoebe had been reported for a few days, hanging out by the washroom off the parking lot.

Say's Phoebe - Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC - 2018 Bird # 91

I'd seen a Phoebe in that area last year on April 1st, so perhaps it could be the same one. Upon arrival, it only took a few minutes to locate the birders and the bird. The Phoebe is more commonly seen in the Okanagan area, but the Iona foreshore has similar habitat.

The bird was actively feeding, making it hard to get in too close. This next shot is quite zoomed in, but a bit fuzzy.

I met up with some other birders I knew and we decided to see what was going on in the sewage ponds. The first birds we saw were Tree Swallows, already busy using the nesting boxes.

Tree Swallow - Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC - 2018 Bird # 92

There were lots of ducks in the ponds, but nothing we hadn't seen all winter. We left that area and looked at one of the larger outer ponds. There were some Turtles relaxing in the sun. There's actually three in this shot, one is background left.

Western Painted Turtle - Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC 

I got one more shot of a Tree Swallow and headed home. Tomorrow I'd visit Richmond and Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta.

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