Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Weekend Part 3 - Point Roberts and Backyard

At this point of the year, it's still early for spring migrants and I've exhausted the usual places to visit. This post covers a quick trip to Point Roberts and a couple of birds in our yard at home.

Lighthouse Marine Park

The weather was gray today and there weren't many birds present. There were a pair of Steller's Sea Lions fairly close to the shoreline.

Steller's Sea Lion - Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts WA

A flock of Brant flew by and I caught the essence, if not the detail, of the event.

Brant - Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts WA

I got a slightly closer look at the Sea Lions.

And a final shot of a Common Loon before I left.

Common Loon - Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts WA

Backyard Birds

Earlier in the day as I was about to leave I heard some drumming on our chimney. I rushed outside and caught this culprit just after the fact.

Northern Flicker - Front Yard, North Delta BC

After returning from Point Roberts I happened to see a Nuthatch at our suet feeder. My only other sighting of the year was similar but through a very dirty window. It was cleaner this time and I was able to get an angle where  a couple of shots turned out.

Red-breasted Nuthatch - Back Yard, North Delta BC

That wrapped up birding for Easter Sunday, I'd have one more outing on the holiday Monday.

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