Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday visit to Boundary Bay

I noticed on the BC Rare Bird alert that there had been a Pacific Golden Plover seen at 96 St on Boundary Bay. I've seen this bird in Basic (non-breeding) plumage in years past, but never in Alternate (breeding) plumage.

There were some logistical issues involved as there is no parking allowed around 96 St. The only allowed location is 104 St. and it's about a 2 Km walk with gear. I had Edith come with me and dropped a car off at 104 St and then she drove me to 96 St.

One of the birds seen as I walked in was a Common Yellowthroat. As always, this warbler was very wary and I only got a poor shot if it hidden in the underbrush.

Common Yellowthroat - 96 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC

The location where all the birds and birders gather is actually west of 96 St at a place known as "The Mansion". This is a large house that is gated off from visitors, it's also where a sewage outfall runs into Boundary Bay.

I did see some plovers, but alas, they were the common Black-bellied Plovers, still lovely in Alternate plumage. As a bonus, there were a pair of Gadwall ducks in the shot as well.

Black-bellied Plovers and Gadwall -  96 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC

Here's a close-up of the Plovers, the Pacific have a rich golden crown. The more common Black-bellied Plovers have the creamy white crown. 

Black-bellied Plovers -  96 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC

It was near high tide and there were a good collection of birds in the area. One species I had not yet seen this year were Blue-winged Teal. I wasn't able to get too close, but this shot turned out well enough for certain identification.

Blue-winged Teal  96 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC = 2018 Bird #143

I gave up on seeing the Pacific Golden Plovers and started the long walk back to 104 St. Right at 96 St I spotted a number of large shorebirds with down-curved bills. I think I counted nine Whimbrel. The were about 100 meters away, so this is not too sharp.

Whimbrel -  96 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC - 2018 Bird #144

These were the last birds seen on this outing. I did take a couple of scenery shots on the way back to my car. First looking south into Boundary Bay.

Boundary Bay, Delta BC 

Here's a shot looking north towards Delta and Surrey.

Tuesday evening Barred Owl Visit

The next evening we had a Barred Owl in our backyard. We could hear it, but it was impossible to see in the dark. The video below catches the call just near the end.

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