Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 1 - Point Roberts, Tsawwassen and Boundary Bay

I had a productive time on the first day of December. I made three different stops as  you can see in the post title.

Point Roberts

Not too many bird photos taken here on this day, but the wind was up and  there were sailboats close to shore. The light was very good for some action photography.

The great thing about this location is the boats come close to shore as the bottom drops off very quickly.

There were the usual ducks around, mostly ignoring the sailboats nearby.

Harlequin Ducks - Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts WA

Here's one more sailboat shot:

Tsawwassen - Beach Grove Lagoon

After getting a coffee at Starbucks in Tsawwassen, I visited Beach Grove Lagoon to see if I could get a better photo of the Ruff that had been in the area for a couple of weeks. I did spot the bird, but it was even further out from the dike than my last visit.

Ruff - Beach Grove Lagoon - Tsawwassen BC

I did get a nice action shot of a Harrier overhead...

Northern Harrier - Beach Grove Lagoon, Tsawwassen BC

Some nervous ducks took flight when the Harrier flew over...

Northern Pintail - Beach Grove Lagoon, Tsawwassen BC

104 St at Boundary Bay, Delta BC

I decided to try one more location, there had been some good shorebirds reported at Boundary Bay over the last couple of weeks. There were plenty of the common Dunlin, a medium sized shorebird flying around the Bay.

Dunlin - Boundary Bay, Delta BC

Another common bird here (and everywhere on the coast) is the Glaucous-winged Gull.

Glaucous-winged Gull -  Boundary Bay, Delta BC

There was some loud honking overhead as a group of Trumpeter Swans flew over...

Trumpeter Swan - Boundary Bay, Delta BC

As I was walking back to my car I had a man with his dog in front of me. The dog had found quite a treasure that it was attempting to carry home...

Unfortunately, it was a long walk and the stick was eventually abandoned.

There were some raptors in the area, including this immature Bald Eagle...

Bald Eagle (Imm) - Boundary Bay, Delta BC

Even when I got back to my car at the Boundary Bay Airpark, there were still birds to be seen. The Merlin is a smaller member of the Falcon family, kind of like the Peregrine's little brother or sister.

Merlin - Boundary Bay Airpark, 104 St,  Boundary Bay, Delta BC

As I left the Airpark, I spotted one last hawk on the wires overhead. 

Red-tailed Hawk, 104 St. Boundary Bay, Delta BC

December was off to a good start!

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