Sunday, December 23, 2018

Great Egret in Aldergrove

I was sitting at home watching TV sports when I decided to check the BC Rare Bird Alert . A new bird had been sighted in Aldergrove, a Great Egret. You would normally have to travel to Oregon (or maybe southern Washington) to see one.

It was a rainy miserable day and quite a long drive from home, but this would be a nice addition to my 2018 checklist.

I made the 45 - 50 minute drive and arrived at the location at 272 St and 17th avenue. I was able to park on 18th Avenue, as 272 St is very busy. After a brief binocular search I located the Egret about 100 meters away in a large field. I used the Nikon to zoom in and took a few sketchy photos.

The first shows the Egret with a Great Blue Heron also in the vicinity.

Great Blue Heron and Great Egret - Aldergrove BC

Great Egret - Aldergrove BC
2018 Bird #201

The Egret didn't look too happy to be in rainy BC, but it is still there as I write this on January 2nd.

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